Your Legislators Need to Hear From You

A stethoscope on top of a generic medical recordThe Senate Finance Committee is meeting this Monday, September 25 for a hearing on the Graham-Cassidy Amendment (the one that proposes to repeal the Affordable Care Act). The Congressional Budget Office Score will likely be published Monday night as well and be narrow in focus.

We probably won’t see much of anything there on Medicaid, but since the Medicaid provisions are similar to those on past House and Senate bills, we are pretty certain of the negative impact they’ll have on people who have disabilities.

If you’re feeling anything like I am, you’re thinking this is all painfully familiar. Didn’t we do this already? Don’t our legislators already know how we feel? Do I have to contact them again?

Yes. We do. Now more than ever.

So here’s something you can do Right now. Send a comment to the Senate Finance Committee at and be sure to cc your senator on that message as well. Tell them this bill is harmful to people with disabilities.

If you want more information, you can link to our Easterseals Action Alert. Sharing a personal story about yourself or someone you love who has a disability can be especially effective. Send a photo along. A video. Let them know who you are. And how you feel.


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  1. Debra Baker Says:

    Please helo daniel oliver he needs your help sbs asistance right away he is needing medical hp abs asistance rigjr away and he is being charged for having that of his own disabilitoes now for the last 20 years of his own life at the seventh jidicoal circiit court in pennington county and in fall river county south dakota along with lawrence county south dakota where credit colectors are also harrsing us and we both are disabled avd not avle to pay these courts in this case

  2. Tom Mancill Says:

    This is a bad Amendment proposal {Graham/Cassidy}, it will hurt the most vulnerable in of society.

    The richest Country in the world, consuming 80% of the worlds resources, should have Healthcare for all. It should be a ‘birth-right’, medical coverage from birth to death for all.

    It should be simple coverage, like Medicare, paid out of payroll taxes.