You say autism awareness, I say acceptance

autism-acceptThe Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) has been leading a campaign for years to emphasize the importance of moving from autism awareness to autism acceptance, and labeling April Autism Acceptance Month has been part of this movement. From the ASAN website:

In support of this community-wide effort, ASAN has created a dedicated website for Autism Acceptance Month, and provides unique programming every April focused on promoting acceptance and inclusion and changing the dialogue about autism from fear, pity, and tragedy to support, acceptance, and empowerment.

I like the change. Awareness is great, but I can understand how acceptance should be part of the message as well.

I would like to think that everyone already knows about autism, that we are done with awareness, but I know this isn’t true. I would like to think that acceptance is a given, that our society accepts all people with disabilities, but I know firsthand that this isn’t true, either. Awareness and acceptance are both important.

Find out how we are spreading the word about autism acceptance and awareness this month on


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