Working together to get supplies to vets in NJ

Con-way Truckload delivers much-needed supplies

Con-way Truckload delivers much needed supplies for East Coast veterans

Hurricane Sandy may be starting to fade from news headlines, but it’s still a tough reality for so many families on the East Coast. Today, Easter Seals applauds its partner Con-way Truckload for making an urgent delivery of much-needed supplies to veterans groups in New Jersey and New York.

The pro bono shipment of first-aid kits, food, toiletries, blankets, shoes, coats and other clothing items arrived via a 53-foot Con-Way Truckload truck at Easter Seals New Jersey, fittingly, on Veterans Day. Program participants, staff, and families are working to repackage the much needed supplies to share with area veterans groups from the New Jersey and New York metro area this week.

Here at Easter Seals Headquarters in Chicago, it was heartwarming to watch this unfold. AllHumanity Group LLC, a group dedicated to solving humanitarian problems, wanted to donate goods for veterans in need, but had no means of transporting them from South Carolina up to Easter Seals in New Jersey. The donation became a reality when Con-way immediately stepped in to help, providing seamless transportation for the 24 pallets of supplies.

In the midst of disaster, Con-way came through! Thank you.


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