What to do after school?

My students with autism always did better with their day being structured, with a schedule of activities and a clear understanding of what was going to occur. As a teacher, it was my job to provide this structure and predictability.

But the school day is only six to eight hours long — how does that predictability and structure continue the rest of the waking hours for a student with autism?

AutismVox called out this need for after-school supports for students with autism, and how a new program in New Jersey — Anything is Possible — is meeting that need for five students. With as many as one in 150 children in the United States experiencing autism, there is significant need to develop programs like Anything is Possible.

Easter Seals also provides after-school programs for children with autism. Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago, Easter Seals Hawaii, and Easter Seals Bay Area are just three of the sites where Easter Seals delivers structured after-school opportunities for youth.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for an after-school program in your area.

Anything is Possible and the Easter Seals programs are just a drop in the bucket for what is needed. Quality after-school programming is important for all students, and structured quality after-school programming is also needed for the one in 150 children in this country who experience autism.


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  1. Lori Gonzalez Says:

    I am always looking for after school programs for my 10 yr old son who had PDD-NOS. I there anything in the central Jersey area ??

  2. Denise Diese Says:

    Hi there…. I have an 8 year old with ASD and I am in need of an intensive therapy based program after school to get my son the therapy he needs. His school day isn’t enough and he is becoming hard to handle and I need help to figure out how to make his time at home more constructive and basically make home life nice for us all and not so stressful. I would appreciate any kind of advice or leads to help that you could offer me. Thanks so much. Denise Diese

  3. Zhen Chen Says:


    I feel excited to get this information about “After School Program” for autism, I live in Bridgewater, NJ. The rate of
    the autism in NJ is higher than any other state in USA, but it looks no “After school Program” in at least our area. Is it possible we will have the “After School Program” or there is, but I did not know?



  4. Judy Arnold Says:

    I have a child with aspergers. Do they have any resources for after school in Louisiana?