What led to Kansas’ autism health coverage legislation

I am guided through my day by the sayings on three cards that sit on my desk here at Easter Seals Capper Foundation:

  • Passion , Persistence & Patience
  • Something Wonderful Is About to Happen
  • Celebrate What Is Right with the World

April is Autism Awareness month , and I am thanking my lucky cards that our passion, persistence and patience paid off: a few weeks ago, on April 16, 2014, Governor Sam Brownback signed legislation for Kansas to become the 34th state in the nation to require health insurance companies to provide coverage for autism spectrum disorders.

Autism insurance legislation advocates across our state diligently practiced the three P’s for many years to help make something wonderful like this happen, and while this legislation has some flaws, it is certainly a step forward, affecting 250 children next year and another 750 children in 2016.

Credit for achieving this legislative milestone goes to the determination and collective team effort of so many parents and advocates across our state. Together, we have made progress, and autism coverage is now a permanent benefit of the state health insurance plan. This new law will help more children with autism get the services they need.

We truly celebrate what is so right about this in so many ways!

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