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Autism is receiving a lot of attention –- here at Easter Seals, in the press, in the legislature –- it’s everywhere. And a lot of that attention is paid to “cause and cure.” Today a large court hearing begins in the area of vaccines and their link to autism.

Our society likes to have clear answers. When I meet people and share that I am an autism specialist one of the first questions they ask is “what causes it?” Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of clarity in the cause. It is a controversial and divisive issue. There is a lot of knowledge, however, in effective supports for people with autism. With effective treatment, individuals with autism can lead meaningful, productive and happy lives.

Watch Maurice Snell’s video for a great example of how Easter Seals’ services have directly benefited an individual. Maurice is an articulate young man with a great sense of humor. Whatever ’caused’ his autism, he would not be where he is today without the treatments and therapies he received from Easter Seals Therapeutic Day School. As Maurice himself says, “Easter Seals has brought me a long way.”

Finding a cause and perhaps a cure for autism are important issues that many organizations like Autism Speaks and the Centers for Disease Control have taken on as their mission. Easter Seals’ mission is to develop and provide direct service to ensure that individuals with autism can live, work, learn and play in their community. Today.

I do my work at Easter Seals to promote the most effective service delivery — to make living, working, learning and playing possible.


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