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Parents Magazine October coverOctober’s issue of Parents Magazine features Easter Seals in a five-page article called Understanding Autism. The article is about Easter Seals Make the First Five Count — our new awareness and advocacy effort designed to give children with or at risk of autism, developmental delays or disabilities the right support they need to be school-ready and build a foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Every year, millions of young children with unidentified disabilities enter school with learning and health issues that put them far behind their peers and have a lasting, negative effect on their ability to meet their full potential. Many will never catch up. But we know young children with autism and other special needs can succeed in school alongside their peers if they receive early intervention services — therapies that work to strengthen their physical, social, emotional and intellectual abilities at a very young age.

Through this feature, Parents is really helping us spread the word about the importance of early intervention. We want every parent to know more about their child’s development, where to go for help if something doesn’t feel right, and how to take action early. As Dr. Patricia Wright, our National Director of Autism services, says in the article, “we can do so much to help children manage their challenges. Wherever your child is now, he or she can make significant progress over time.”


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