We have Safeway to thank

Safeway logoEarly last month I published a blog here called Safeway wins well-deserved philanthropic award. In that post I promised you another blog highlighting some of the many, many autism-related programs our all-time top corporate Sponsor Safeway, Inc. supports here at Easter Seals. Today I’m finally making good on that promise.

One of the largest, most successful fundraising events Safeway hosts is its annual People with Disabilities Campaign. Each April during Autism Awareness Month, all 1,700-plus Safeway stores across the United States and Canada and its family of brands (including Vons, Tom Thumb, Dominick’s, Randall’s, Genuardi’s, Carrs and Pavilions) raise funds to support Easter Seals services in local communities. Safeway supports many, many programs at Easter Seals including:

  • Expanding our early intervention services. When it comes to autism or developmental delays, getting the right help at the earliest life stage makes all the difference. This critical type of service gives toddlers the skills they need to learn, grow and be school-ready alongside their peers.
  • Growing our Child Development Centers. Easter Seals understands that parents who have young children with disabilities experience far greater levels of stress than parents of typically developing children. Knowing your young child with autism or a developmental delay is well-cared for in an inclusive child care setting, receiving appropriate therapy and instruction, gives working parents not only piece of mind, but the ability to continue working even after a diagnosis.
  • Building our autism transition programs. Transitions, whether large or small, are particularly challenging for many families living with autism. Whether entering school, becoming a teenager, seeking employment or simply taking a family vacation, people with autism often struggle through these types of changes and require personalized supports and services to help get them through.
  • Creating more family supports and autism training programs for parents and siblings of individuals with autism. Families living with autism are desperate to find help, hope and answers. The fact is, an autism diagnosis affects the entire family. Easter Seals offers several programs that provide support to every family member, giving them the resources they need to best care for their loved one with autism.

I’ve said it here before, but I can’t say it enough: thank you, Safeway!


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