We celebrate veterans all year long

Richard MarielloVeterans Day was last Sunday, but Easter Seals celebrates veterans all year round. Last month, I had the privilege of meeting Easter Seals 2013 National Adult Representative Richard Mariello. I love that he said, “At Easter Seals, you just help each other out. You’re like a big extension of the Mariello family.”

This year Richard will be travelling to all sorts of events to share his story and speak about the importance of services for members of the military, veterans and their families.

Most importantly, Richard and his family will be providing a human connection to what is happening overseas. When we hear firsthand from veterans, their work becomes real to those of us who are removed from the military. We learn why it’s important to care, and what a valuable resource Easter Seals is.

To find local support if you’re a military family, or want to learn how to make a difference for military families, call Easter Seals Community One Source at 866-423-4981 or email us at veterans@easterseals.com.


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