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President Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act on April 21, and since then more people are becoming interested in volunteering. From an AARP Bulletin Today article:

Obama noted that service to others—he was a community organizer in Chicago before entering politics—was instrumental in launching his career. “I would not be standing here today were it not for the service to others and for the purpose that service gave my own life,” Obama said.

He then issued his own call to service for Americans, echoing the call first issued by Kennedy’s brother, President John F. Kennedy, in 1961. “We need your service, right now, in this moment in history,” Obama said. “I’m asking you to help change history’s course. Put your shoulder up against the wheel. And if you do, I promise you—your life will be richer.”

Easter Seals has always offered unique and meaningful opportunities for volunteers – you can use our online search to find a rewarding experience near you. Nearly 90 years ago, Easter Seals founder Edgar Allen said, “your life and mine shall be valued not by what we take … but by what we give.” Those words still ring true today.

Whether it’s performing office work, volunteering at an event or camp, or helping in another way, you can make a difference in the lives of people with autism and other disabilities. And like President Obama says, once you start volunteering “your life will be richer.”


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