Volunteering at Chicago Bears games

During the course of the NFL regular season, Some staff
and parents of clients at Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago have been volunteering to work at Chicago Bears games. We work the concession stands, and ten per cent of the proceeds goes towards our Adult Vocational program. Through our Autism Therapeutic School programs in Chicago and Tinley Park, Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago provides opportunities for vocational training and meaningful work for adolescents and adults with autism and other special needs.

I’m proud to say that I’ve put my two cents in already and I’m ready for more! The first game I worked in was the October 24 game against the Washington Redskins. Another game I worked was the November 14 game against the Minnesota Vikings. The typical work day began with inventory: with lots of stuff to be counted. We had to count all of the food items, packages, cups and many other accessories before and after the game. Then it was preparing the food (cooking hot dogs, polish sausages, nachos, etc.) before the gates of Soldier Field open to the public. Once the gates open, it’s game time!

Thousands of fans swarmed into the concourse area looking for something to squelch their appetites. It was a madhouse at our concession stand, especially during halftime. We were extremely busy giving the customers what they wanted. I was extremely busy at my position as cashier. I kept calm and collected, processing different orders for the happy Bears fans. It was chaotic at times, but we were able to make it through the entire 60-minute game. And really, with all the time outs and other breaks, an NFL game lasts three hours!

The experience working at a Bears game can be nerve-racking at times, but we were able to raise lots of money going to a great cause. We’re fortunate to raise thousands of dollars for the Easter Seals Adult Vocational program. As an individual with autism, I believe in giving back. That is my mission being a part of Easter Seals!


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  1. Beth Finke Says:

    Congrats on the new job, Ken.

  2. KEN Begeske Says:

    I got a new job at ucp where i got trasnfur to becasue the old day program is closed they got mentors and new audlt schedules please support the chicago blackhawks nhl the old day program need new audlts clients with auult schedules from old day programs new audlts clients will

  3. KEN BEGESKE Says:

    I still like Easter seals is fun because i got a new job at Oak Forest Because Gail and Faye are still taken me to Oak Forest Because I’m the best When I’m 22 I wanna Move on with my Life Move out And Live with my Bus driver Faye Because i Call her Edie Because she dose look like Edie McClurg Because she is Edie McClurg Because I Loved Her So Much she a mother too me she took good care too me I still Like Gail coming to my House after School on Tuesdays and Thursdays I want Robert Ventura to support our School Clearbrook is Visting the School also Bille joe armstrong Mike Drint Tre’Cool Jason Withe Green Day The Rock Band is Vistng and Playing at the School Gym

  4. Ken Begeske Says:

    I love going to easter seals Because it’s fun they like me of lot i got a job at Burnswick zone we need more Kids from others schools to join the work program to make money
    to leave at the age 22 some kids work with 1on1 i am a rock star and basketball player Like my old friend josh from baseball is coming to this school

  5. Ken Begeske Says:

    I love easter seals because it fun

  6. Maurice Snell Says:

    Thank you, Carolyn for your encouraging words. It’s good to hear that your son has made progress conquering many challenges through life, like me. It’s good that’s he’s giving back to Easter Seals and the community. I wish him and your family all of the luck in the world!

    Sandra, to answer your question, yes you can volunteer, even though the Bears have two home games left this season. The thing is I volunteered with some of the staff members of the Therapeutic School and Center for Autism Research to raise money for the Adult Vocational Program. In other words, you can volunteer, but you would have to be part of a non-profit organization to work. As always, we’re looking for new faces!

  7. Sandra Says:

    are there any opportunities to volunteer?

  8. Carolyn Says:

    Maurice you are indeed an inspiration to others and thank you for sharing your story. Our son, who is nineteen and also has autism, loves volunteering and will be doing so each weekend throughout the end of the year. It is amazing to see him evolve from a young child who once struggled with many challenges to someone who now is a part of that village that is taking care of others.

    We need to see more of this and more chances for self-determined lives for individuals with autism. Providing paths to also give back to those that assisted in their triumphs is much more meaningful as well.

    With much appreciation and happy holidays to your family.

    Carolyn Gammicchia

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