Training Conference wrap-up

Hello, to everyone! Last week was interesting. I was not at my current place of employment, which is Easter Seals Therapeutic Day School. I was attending a conference by, wouldn’t you know, Easter Seals, Inc.

The first day I had to admit was entertaining to me. I knew I had to deliver a speech to all of the Easter Seals affiliates, but I didn’t know I would carry a life-sized cutout of myself on the stage. First, I asked myself, “Who is more handsome, me or this piece of cardboard, who is an imitation of me?” The audience (consisting of the people from various Easter Seals affiliates) loved the cutout of me, but they loved me even better in person. Overall, the presentation was the one people will never forget during their time in Chicago.

The third and final day was pretty good. First, I went to a couple of sessions at the hotel, to prepare my mind. Those sessions in the morning were interesting and I got something from both these seminars: always prepare yourself. That is what I ask you to do to be successful in life.

What I got out of this week at the Easter Seals Training Conference was to always look forward to new things in life. That is what I aim to do as long as I’m a representative for Easter Seals, Inc.

Beth Finke and Maurice Snell

Maurice Snell with Easter Seals and Autism blog moderator Beth Finke at the Easter Seals Training Conference


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