The Top 10 Easterseals Blog Posts of 2017

Easterseals national logoFrom beginning to end, 2017 was a year packed with landmark moments, inspiring stories, impactful advocacy, and more! Throughout it all we’ve had thoughtful and insightful blog posts from a wide range of perspectives on topics relevant and important to all that happened this year. Check out the most read blog posts of 2017 and let us know in the comments what you’d like to see us writing about in 2018!

1. Stricter Rule for Service Dogs Goes Against the ADA

2. Losing Friends to Ableism

3. Medicaid is My Lifeline

4. Hamilton to be Sued for Accessibility, But is it Reasonable?

5. Asperger’s and Employment: What I Wish I Knew Then

6. What Happens When My Thought Process is Interrupted

7. A Group for Adults with Disabilities Gathers for Fun, Friendship

8. These 68 Companies Score High When It Comes to Disability Inclusion

9. How Asperger’s Syndrome is Like a Checkered Flag

10. Here’s Who Loses Out if Medicaid Funding is Cut


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