Thumbs up for Music Within

Donna Smith is a colleague of mine from Easter Seals Project ACTION in Washington, D.C. She wrote with details about a movie that sounds very interesting, I thought I’d share this with our readers. 
– Beth Finke

Thumbs up for Music Within

by Donna Smith

A limited release of a movie titled Music Within starts this weekend. It is based on the life of Richard Pimentel and his experience with the disability movement as well as the training he developed to help employers become more comfortable with their reactions to people with disabilities.

There’s a great interview with Pimentel speaking about the movie, plus a listing of all its openings, at Diversity World.

Larry King calls Music Within “the sleeper of the year” and everything I’ve read thus far indicates that it’s really good. I hope a lot of people go out to see this movie so that it will be released in a bigger way later.


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