Three cheers for 3-year-old McKale

Photo of McKale courtesy of CentralIllinoisProud.comAn article and video on features 3-year-old McKale Marquis, who has been thriving thanks to services and therapists here at Easter Seals in Bloomington. McKale has Down syndrome and she’s been receiving physical, developmental and speech therapies in her home and child care center since she was 9 months old.

In the article her father says, “It means everything to see her achieve things she doesn’t even understand she’s achieving,” and he expresses his thanks to Easter Seals for making therapy more fun than work for their daughter:

The family says with the help of Easter Seals, they look forward to watching McKale grow and amaze them every step of the way. She provides them with a little “twinkle” in their life.

McKale’s progress truly has been amazing. Her ability to speak and understand language is what we would expect for a typically developing child, and her motor skills are strong as well. She continues to work on her speech so that others can understand her, and she is also working on following simple directions and the self-care activities one would expect of a young 3-year-old.

McKale is a perfect example of the possibilities when parents and caregivers are actively involved in promoting progress through quality early intervention services like those at Easter Seals. We at Easter Seals thank them for their willingness to share their story, and for giving us the privilege of working with their wonderful family!


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  1. RuthAnn Petrov Says:

    McKale is doubly blessed – she has an amazing family that involved Easter Seals in her care. So exciting to hear about her progress!

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