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a wheelchair stopped at a curb looking out at a beachThe 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is just two weeks away, and we have a lot to celebrate. Thanks to this historic legislation, millions of people with disabilities:

  • are assured equal access to recreation programs, businesses and higher education
  • cannot be singled out in a job interview or turned down just because of their disability
  • can live more independently thanks to innovations like curb cuts, entrance ramps and more.

I lost my sight 30 years ago and can tell you first hand that we’ve made a lot of progress since the ADA became law in 1990. I consider myself somewhat of an ADA expert, and when I took the ADA: 25 Years of Progress quiz Easter Seals put together as part of this month’s celebration, I assumed I’d get all the answers right.

I ended up getting 7 out of 8 right, but don’t you worry. I plan on contacting the judges on a technicality! Read Question #4:

Beach access didn’t really change when the ADA passed. All beaches are extremely difficult to navigate for people with disabilities.

I didn’t know whether to say true or false on that one! It’s true that beach access didn’t really change the day the ADA passed – it’s taken years for American beaches to become accessible, and many have a way to go.

That said, I’d say false to the second half of that question. It’s not true that all American beaches are inaccessible to people with disabilities, but many still are. That said, many beaches are easier to navigate for people with disabilities now, thanks to ADA guidelines that help make that a reality.

Beaches with public access need an accessible route every half mile. Concession stands, parking and restroom facilities must also be accessible to people with disabilities. And Some beaches even have beach wheelchairs available.

When the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990, it was meant to provide equal opportunity and full participation for all people with disabilities. It wasn’t an easy victory, and our work isn’t done. But on the ADA’s 25th anniversary, let’s celebrate how far we’ve come. Why not spend a few minutes now and take the Easter Seals Test your knowledge of 25 Years of Progress quiz. Who knows? Maybe you’ll beat the “expert” and get 8 out of 8!


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