The White House is Asking for Input from People with Disabilities

The White House on a bright, partly cloudy dayAmong the many changes the new administration made in its first week was to make a commitment to ensure its site is accessible to all Americans. A White House Accessibility Statement released this past week says its site will conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1, level AA criteria — guidelines that not only help make web content accessible to users with sensory, cognitive and mobility disabilities, but ultimately to all users, regardless of ability.

The statement says its ongoing accessibility efforts will “work toward making as accessible as possible,” and, to that end, they are looking for help from experts: us!

You read that right. Users with disabilities are encouraged to send comments on how to improve the site’s accessibility, and here’s how you can :

  • Switchboard: 202-456-1414
  • TTY/TDD Phone Numbers (for the Hearing Impaired Only):202-456-6213
  • Visitors Office: 202-456-2121

Let’s chime in, shall we? Let freedom ring!


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  1. HasNie Says:

    I want to be able to help!

  2. HasNie Says:

    Thank you!

  3. unlockmytv apk Says:

    it is the best article for know about their rules @regulations using this article

  4. Karen Jackson Says:

    I am a middle-aged woman that was born with a disability cerebral palsy which only affected one side of my body my left side so I drag my leg in my younger years I tried to be as normal as possible and push myself I work for a company for 20 years it was a very physical job that I did but I asked the years grew on the older I got the harder it got and I had to retire because of the pain I lost my health care coverage and I tried to go on the marketplace and purchase healthcare insurance they denied me because I did not have a place of employment and I was told to apply for Medicaid which I did not qualify for I ended up getting a part-time job for the school system we do not offer Healthcare insurance part-time employees I don’t make a whole lot of money about $800 per month and with the high cost of renting in Pinellas County cause me to have to dip into my retirement just to be able to maintain and not be homeless please consider funding for people with disabilities in housing thank you

  5. Cynthia J Koehler Says:

    In Iowa, an Elder Abuse Law was enacted in to law. We also need to strengthen the ADA so we cannot be abused or exploited in anyway.

    Help us get transportation on weekends and later at night and get grants to repair our homes and driveways from the Derecho so we do not fall and get hurt worse. We need help getting through the red tape

  6. Sandra Karrick Says:

    I’m permanently disabled due to nerve damage to legs. Now it’s in hands. Dr. Out here say I’ll NEVER walk again and nothing else they can do. I say bull. There’s treatment and physical therapy medications but you can’t get it. Took me 8 years and 4 denied before I even got SSDI. insurance companies turn down treatments that can help. Needs to change. None of us asked to be disabled.

  7. Kerryann Burke Says:

    I do agree that advocacy organizations are needed as well as the procedure which Social Security processes request for benefits.

  8. Gautam Chaudhary Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a PWD from India.I want to be associated. I am a Rotary Foundation Alumni.
    Gautam Chaudhary

  9. Rebecca S Says:

    ADA desperately needs to be updated to include fragrance-free environments, as fragrance chemicals and essential oil usage is an ADA barrier.

    I have a severe form of migraines that predisposes me to stroke, and these migraines are instantly triggered by fragrance chemical and/or essential oils exposure. The use of fragranced products in facilities management physically prevents me from accessing my activities of daily living. Businesses have to use fragrance-free products to be accessible. Without access, I have no medical care, no dental care, and no ability to live independently.

    Think about that…I have a chronic neurologic condition yet have NO access to medical care. When I discuss this fragrance issue with medical or dental offices, they TELL ME TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. It is blatant discrimination. Mine is an ADA-covered disability, but there is no mechanism for enforcement since indoor air quality is not part of the ‘built’ environment.

    Because of this, I haven’t been to a dentist (no access) in four years. I haven’t had proper healthcare or health maintenance for about nine years because the use of fragranced products in medical facilities leaves me with no access. I literally cannot enter the buildings. These are NEEDS, not wants. Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right that I am denied.

    Our government has dropped the ball on this issue. Enact legislation that REQUIRES all businesses and public spaces to be fragrance free. Make this requirement legally ENFORCEABLE.

  10. Carolyn Fuller Says:

    I am a caregiver to my 2 adult children who have a genetic disorder that caused them to become progressively disable. So in the early childhood they were given and showed signs of their diagnosis. The only help financially is what was allowed by private health insurance. They were not considered disabled enough for any government funded program. During adolescence and adulthood continued decline in health. Financial help with getting what is needed is hard to find. The financial hardship to provided for all that is needed with a physical disability is draining. All that you read and question leads to NO help or answers. You have all these accessibility guidelines and polices in place. Where are the answers? Give me the money that I can use to make my house accessible, the equipment, the therapy and caregiver help for their care not just guidelines. Applying for financial help should be just as easy ad filing your taxes.I would dare one you to live one day with limits that a person with a disability has to face. You would want changes too.

  11. Johanne Mayer Says:

    Hi I have a disability and I feel things need to be better with healthcare and Medicaid since we need that to get services & the attitude towards people with disabilities with COVID when someone with a disability needs treatment is outrageous.

  12. Elena Says:

    Thank you for caring enough about people w/disabilities to ask for our input, unlike the previous administration who removed protections for us. One of our biggest concerns is healthcare. Many of us are well enough to work part time jobs (part time does not give us health insurance), but we get shut out of subsidized insurance through the marketplace. Please extend Medicare to those who have disabilities but are not fully disabled. Then we we can still be in the workplace and not have to apply for social security.

  13. Don Bittner Says:

    Federal, State, Local government need to create advisory committees filled with disabled members to make needed improvements for disabled at all levels of government. This should be started at the Federal level and all other government levels should be encouraged to organize and couple with all government levels for sharing ideas and support. This is best accomplished by disabled persons who find remedies for all disabilities. The president of the United States should be the leader of such focus.

  14. Karin Morneault Says:

    I have a child with Dyslexia and Processing disorder as well as trying to work with an autism teen who would like to become a farm hand, but needs a job coach and reliable transportation. I can’t seem to find him a job coach.

  15. Joseph Svehla Says:

    Invest money in helping people with disabilities purchase a home.
    I reside in New Jersey & I don’t have the funds for a down payment or closing costs. I’ve been renting for 11 years now & nothing to show for the hundreds of thousands I’ve paid in rent. NEED HELP!

  16. Karin J Davies Says:

    Disabled people should not have to live in poverty to qualify for Medicare or Medicaid.

  17. Tracy Miele Says:

    Individuals with disabilities can best be represented when they are given opportunities to work/intern/volunteer at the White House!

  18. Yesenia Says:

    Who is representing the differently abled in this Administraton? Are they differently abled or a previous caregiver? Without real representation our voices cannot truly be heard.

    As a caregiver of a differently abled, medically complex, child, I have seen no urgency to support her in home via local gov’t or federal. Even with the stimulus. Our kids should not have to wait for the pennies to trickle down.

  19. Nancy Williams Says:

    Many people with disabilities have underlying health conditions and should be prioritized for getting the vaccine ahead of healthy individuals who are in groups already to get them. The most people dying are from underlying health conditions, so why are these people not prioritized? So many people have lung conditions like Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma, Chronic Lung Disease, CPD, etc. All people have value, but let’s target those that need the vaccine the most and prioritize them!

  20. Amanda Napier Says:

    Please allow adults with disabilities and their caregiver get the Covid19 vaccine really soon. My 27 year old son with a brain injury has been stuck at home since Feb 2020. Also as far as Covid relief. My son is on disability but doesn’t file taxes. My husband and I claim him. Why can’t we get a little more to help pay for things that he needs? The age stops at 17.

  21. Paula Says:

    I am a 58 year old female with a brain lesion and pacemaker. I work full time in Florida.


    I have no wh

    In Florida, employers with 15 or less employees can fire you at will with no reason or concern.

    The ADA even regulates the number of employees before a hard working employee is fired or even considered to be worthy of assistance!

    I am frustrated and pissed off! I will most likely lose my job due to all my doctor visits. Who will help me then?

    The government is too busy helping those who ARE NOT American rather than those who support this supposedly “FREE” system!

    I have worked for 45 years and have paid my taxes!

    I deserve assistance as much as the next American!

    Quit giving our money to terrorist groups like Obama did!

    Give it to those who have worked for it!

    This is a socialist society that is putting American’s into submission and silencing our voices.

    It’s time something is done to support those who support the system!

  22. Melinda Todd Says:

    Dear Whitehouse Staff. Persons with developmental disabilities and their families desperately need your assistance. Access to services, appropriate funding, treatment measures, special transportation, and access to accommodating jobs is needed. Caregiver support is also needed. Please help families now.

  23. Cheri Macartney Says:

    Everyday I have an issue to share. Today, looking for future housing, moving from house to townhouse. I am finding again disabled are relegated to the back of the bus. Section 8, housing assistance is not available to nicer homes, but older complexes are the only homes avail e to section 8 voucher program. Exhausted.

  24. Mishas mom Says:

    I just flew with my developmentally disabled 27 year old. She was treated horribly by TSA and the airline. Her seizure service dog had to go as a a paid pet on Allegiant even with letters from the Drs and hospitals, New DOT service animal form, service vest, training documents, vet certificates and required forms. The dog flew 2 weeks earlier on the same airline snd has flown 50 times on other airlines without issues. TSA was rude and condescending even though there were letters from the hospital and Drs that she had to have special food and drinks with her. We spent hours waiting on the airline and TSA and only made the flight because it was delayed. She was repeatedly called out, separated and humiliated. She cried the entire trip …MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR THEM…HAVE AN ID THAT IDENTIFIES THEM TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT AND BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY THOSE WHO DONT ACT RESPECTFUL WITH REPERCUSSIONS, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO ARE PAID WITH OUR TAXES.

  25. Kandy Bradshaw Says:

    I have an adult disabled son. We don’t have many day service programs around our area. We need more programs and funding for our loved ones to have a nice place to be around other adults like they are. This is needed so our special adults can grow and become individuals without being looked at differently. Thank you

  26. Linda Purnell Says:

    The disabled need more transportation. My daughter finally had a very nice job.She waited almost an hour in the cold waiting for the bus!

  27. Lily Says:

    Based in the inputs, we really deserve to be hear as a parent of two kids with Autism and Developmental delays and other medical issues it is exhausted handling day by day our care that we provide to them but I do it with endless Love.
    Please change the medical system, that all the Medical Insurance must be approved to have access for the Services( Therapies, cover most medical supplies etc.)
    Thank You

  28. Brandon M Batson Says:

    Figure out a way for disabled people to be able to fly while still in their wheelchair. Many of us cannot transfer from our chair to a seat but we need to travel for medical care or even leisure. Sometimes adequate medical care is hundreds of miles away. Thanks!

  29. Renee Says:

    1). Please put money into the Home & Community Based Waivers so that person’s with disabilities can get the services they need. Being on a waiting list for years is not acceptable.

    2). Please either eliminate the use of seclusion rooms. This is barbaric.

  30. Lloyd Schmitz Says:

    Develop policies and guidelines to reasonably guarantee that people with disabilities can participate and access all meetings, websites, documents, and other electronic activities of the federal government

  31. Lloyd’s Schmitz Says:

    insure that all documents are in an accessible format, make all electronic forms readable and fillable using the tab key, insure that all kiosks in state facilities are accessible , and tag all pictures and graphics with alternative text tags. Insure that all postings on social groups and media are tagged and accessible to everyone. When developing any app, it must be accessible for those using screen reading software All buttons must have text tags, and all data entry fields must be clearly labeled. Hi
    Require all new and updated data bases that are accessed by any employee and those that are accessed by the public to be accessible .

    Make every meeting, conference, workshop, or webinar accessible to everyone including those with hearing and vision loss by following best practices.

  32. Nancy Brown Says:

    Put people with disabilities, health challenges (including mental health), and their caregivers at the top of the list for the COVID vaccine, so that they can resume much-needed in person appointments, therapies, community services, employment, and social engagement. No more of this proving they have 1, 2, or more health conditions. They need to be able to safely access care! And they need their family members (their caregivers) who are sometimes their only means of getting to those services, and those caregivers deserve to be kept safe, too. Who else will care for them if the caregiver becomes sick or dies?

  33. Denise Griffin Says:

    I have taught high school students with severe and profound multiple disabilities for 25 years. These individuals and their families need and deserve support. There are many locations in our community that are barely accessible: parking, accessible aisles, and restrooms. Many restrooms barely have space to maneuver a wheelchair, the individual, and caretaker. Universal changing stations are necessary for these individuals, their families, and caretakers. Also, I am concerned that when my students graduate, there are limited opportunities for them to be involved in their community. Employers, day facilities, and group homes do not want the liability of having someone with health/medical needs, limited communication, and behavior differences. This is not fair and unacceptable. Even if employment is not an option, day facilities, social clubs, accessible parks, volunteering,and other related opportunities should be available. While I believe we have made progress in awareness and acceptance, we still need to improve inclusivity.

    Just remember that anyone can have a severe illness or accident that results in needing 24/7 care. How would you want to be treated? What opportunities would you want? Individuals with disabilities are people first.

  34. Angela Says:

    Please stop penalizing people with disabilities when they get married. My husband is able to receive benefits from years of work. But, because it has been challenging for me to find and keep work as a person with a disability, I can’t get benefits because my husband’s benefits from SSDI put me over income income to receive my own benefits.

  35. Courtney Reynolds Says:

    Basically, what many of these comments point to, are just fulfilling promises already made. ADA is there, but not fully funded or mandated. IDEA is there, but grossly underfunded. Let’s start by enacting what exists, before going crazy with new legislation. It’s tough to believe promises when we have yet to see the fruits of past ones.

  36. Judy H. Says:

    Invest funds in programs for High Functioning Autistic people. HFA children that need services are faced with only 2 options: placements for behavior disorders or placements for Non-Verbal low functioning. There is an ENTIRE population of highly intelligent, high functioning Autistics who need support and services and there are no buckets of support where they fit in. I’m raising 2 of them.

  37. A triana Says:

    There aren’t enough accommodations for students with mental health issues. These are also disabilities. Schools need to give students more flexibility in how their day is managed to combat many of these disabilities like anxiety and adhd. Also more qualified counselors in schools that are there to assist with these disabilities. Many schools have their counselors issue guidance for higher ed and not help with these other issues.

  38. Susan Rosero Says:

    Require counties to provide classrooms for children with speech disorders who need ASL or speech devices to communicate. There are schools for the blind and schools for the deaf but not schools for those who can not speak. This needs to be recognized as not just a delay, but for some, a life long struggle that can be best served with early and dedicated intervention as some children NEVER outgrow Apraxia.

  39. Jean Searle Says:

    Please add money for transportation and for housing. Some disabled people does not have cars or anyway to get from one place to another.

    I am disabled and looking for work but it is hard hiring anyone with a disability.

    God Bless!!

  40. Cheri Macartney Says:

    Disability parking is equal to placing disabled on the back of the bus! Where I live, Lincoln, NE. As with many cities disability parking is relocated to a single corner of a city block. If I have business on the opposite corner I have to shlep around the block..resentful I visited Duluth, MN. On their canal park segment, parking meters were all variants needed..on the pole listed each type of parking so ALL spots could become disability parking!! I am already purchasing disability plates to identify my need…brilliant!

  41. Nicole soucy Says:

    State federal funded housing programs administrative support staff not working for clients but staff paychecks why ..
    New Hampshire gateway/ plus company clients needs not being met .
    Harbor homes transitional housing programs administrative support staff incompetence not monitoring activity in group homes but maintaining mentally certified label long term dependency should be encouraging empowering clients for independent living.
    Young people shouldn’t be admitted to néw Hampshire hospital long term placed under guardianship for life, people struggling with adult life transition

  42. Debra Shay Says:

    Have a way for people with reading disabilities have the site read out loud

  43. Debra Shay Says:

    Provide an way for people with reading disabilities have a way to have the site read out loud.

  44. Marcy Says:

    Nevermind the website, get local governments to adhere to thirty-year-old ADA laws so I can go somewhere alone without having to worry about a curb cut on one side of the street but not the other, curb cuts that are unsafely steep, and crosswalk lights unreachable. These are only some if the illegal issues that keep me homebound. I’ve basically been living a Covid lockdown for years though there are laws in place. Give a financial care about the disabled, please.

  45. Holly Martin Says:

    Please stop penalizing people for getting married that are disabled.We have the right just like any other American to get married and be I am autistic and I have other issues that prevent me from working and when I got married you the government took my income how was that helping me in any way?You also took my insurance and I had to reapply and it’s worse than what I had before. I do not feel representatived in the American government. I don’t feel like you care really care about the American who is disabled.

  46. NICOLE c LEBLANC Says:

    Invest $$ in Family Support for adults with developmental and Mental Health disabilities by adopting a federal line item in DD Act , MH laws

  47. NICOLE c LEBLANC Says:

    Invest $$$ in state self advocacy organizations by giving all self advocacy organizations a 2,000.0000 funding item in Federal Budget

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