The Texas snow couldn’t stop us!

The Easter Seals Autism Spokespersons Network and Affiliate Marketing Partners met in Dallas last month during a record-breaking snowfall. Although 12 inches of snow was falling outside, the group of 50 experts joined Texas legislators and other members of the Easter Seals North Texas (ESNT) autism community to make the trek to ESNT’s Trinity Center in Carrollton, Texas.

The members of the Autism Spokesperson Network are autism experts and therapists who work in markets across the country providing help, hope and answers to children and adults living with autism. Each of us is a strong media resource and interview subject to include in discussions, news segments and features about autism … and each of us is happy to open doors for visits to local centers and introductions to families involved in autism treatments.

The spokespeople who visited in February were especially interested in hearing about our partnership with the University of North Texas and learning about our Autism Treatment Program (ATP). I, along with Nicole Zeug (ATP Program Manager) and Dr. Shahla Ala’i-Rosales (Department of Behavior Analysis at the University of North Texas) gave a presentation about the program. We shared information about the program design and systematic procedures, and then we got to the best part: the client stories.

One client started our program about nine months ago. Before he began receiving Applied Behavioral Analysis intervention, his language was extremely limited. When it came to meals, he only ate pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and limited types of dry cereal. Now, after receiving about 20 hours of direct intervention each week, he is talking in full sentences, asking and answering questions, and eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins. This client’s mother talked with the Spokesperson Network members, conveying a message of hope to families and encouraging families to seek the sort of help and support she found through the Autism Treatment Program here at Easter Seals North Texas.

We at Easter Seals North Texas feel so fortunate to have a program that is able to help families affected by autism. The Autism Spokespersons Network and Affiliate Marketing Partners make an impressive group. We were proud to host such professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable people from across the country.


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  1. Sharon Watson Says:

    Jennifer –

    We were so impressed with your outstanding autism program!
    What a joy to be able to welcome representatives from a number of Easter Seals’ National Corporate Parters — including Tom Thumb, CVS Caremark and MassMutual Financial Group — so they could learn how their important support is changing the lives of families living with autism in their communities!

  2. Jeanne Sowa Says:

    Jennifer– we appreciated the chance to hear about your impressive autism program. Great to see your documented research outcomes. And thank you for your hospitality!