The fight to improve funding continues

As budgets tighten around the country often our youngest and most vulnerable populations are the first to feel cuts.

Easter Seals Bay Area has joined with our colleagues from around the country to do our part to make sure that the children we serve aren’t forgotten.

Our good friend and San Francisco Chronicle writer, Laura Schumaker, recently highlighted our efforts in her blog:

Earlier this month, Easter Seals released a new report Our Nation’s Children at Risk: A State-by-State Report on Early Intervention at its 2011 International Convention currently being held in Washington, D.C. In meetings with Members of Congress on The Hill , more than 300 Easter Seals volunteers, staff and families with disabilities shared both the report’s findings and a petition with nearly 40,000 signatures urging legislators to invest in young children.

Thank you Laura Shumaker for continuing to be a supporter and advocate!


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