Thanks Mr. Jobs!

I’ve been known to go a little gaga over the goings-on at groovy technology companies like Apple. I’m an outsider, but sometimes I get a glimpse when these companies broadcast their meetings to the public. When Steve Jobs announced the release of the iPad2, I watched the hour-long video with rapt attention. I am already an iPad owner and was curious what this new device might have to offer. Not to mention that the bells and whistles of an Apple presentation are always entertaining.

My entertainment factor was multiplied significantly at minute 13 of the presentation. That’s when Jobs cut to a 2 minute clip about one of my favorite topics — autism! The iPad has been successfully utilized as a piece of assistive technology in programs for children with autism. Jobs found the use of the iPad with children with autism worthy enough to include in his appearance.

The use of assistive technology, including the iPad2, is a great tool to improve access to work, recreation and education for individuals with autism. Millions of people watch these Apple presentations. By highlighting autism the way he did, Jobs is helping those millions understand that people with autism are capable of meaningful, purposeful lives. Great assistive technology and increased awareness of the capabilities of individuals with autism is a great combination — Thanks Mr. Jobs!


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  1. paula munsen Says:

    My granddaughter has autism. Is there any assistance to get an Ipad. I would love her to have this amazing education tool but is not in my budget. Any discounts or help getting these expensive items?

  2. Barbara Gaither Says:

    I too own an iPad and was so excited to see the updates that were coming for the iPad 2. I did not see the whole video/presentation when it came out. So imagine my surprise when I clicked on here and read your blog post. I immediately went to minute 13 of the video to watch. I have been a huge supporter of Apple for a long time, but now I have a real and personal reason to think they are a great company! Anyone who thinks about improving the life of people living with autism and truly does something about it becomes special in my book! Thanks for sharing and I agree, kudos to Mr. Jobs!
    Barbara Gaither
    Proud mother of an 11 year old living with autism!