“Temple Grandin” wins at the Emmys

You may know by now that HBO’s bio-flick about Temple Grandin won five Emmy awards last month, including Outstanding Made for TV Movie. I thought you might be interested in reading how the Hollywood press responded to the winnings. A story called ‘Temple Grandin’ wins big at Emmys. But who is she? ran in Entertainment Weekly:

Who is Temple Grandin? Her name was called out seven times at last night’s Emmy Awards, where the rancher-attired Grandin herself was “a palpable presence.”

A story in the L.A. Times does a great job in answering that question:

Grandin was there, of course, as part of the HBO movie named after her, in which she was played by the Best Actress in a Miniseries or Movie-winning Claire Danes.

Born in 1947, Grandin was diagnosed as autistic at a young age due to her inability to speak or function socially like other children. As an adult, Grandin became a renowned public advocate for those born on the autistic spectrum. Her high-functioning autism ultimately allowed her to earn a doctorate in animal science, become a university professor, and pen an autobiography about her experiences.

During the acceptance speeches, all five winners paid tribute to Grandin.

Danes described her as “the most brave woman I’ve known.” [Director Mick] Jackson called her “spunky, smart and vivid,” saying he wanted to make a movie that was “never sentimental.”

Sounds to me like the director reached his goal! Congrats to all the Emmy winners, and especially congrats to the real winner: Temple Grandin.


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  1. Mary Eagleson Says:

    Temple Grandin is definitely very inspirational. She gives our family hope for our two grandsons.