Strike a Boom! Maurice on Obama’s bowling score

It has been a busy first two months for our 44th President Barack Obama. In those first two months, President Obama has issued a promise of change to a whole new America. As with every other president, it is not a cakewalk. There have been numerous topics for President Obama to deal with — the economic stimulus plan, AIG bonuses, soldiers going off to war, and more. On the light side, Barack filled out his bracket for the NCAA Tournament. So far, he’s doing well with some hits or misses in his picks.

The one thing that really caught my attention was the President’s appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last Thursday. Along with millions of other Americans, I sat back and enjoyed the show. President Obama got to express many interests, like American Idol, the NCAA Tournament, and my #1 love of all: bowling.

As some of you may know, President Obama made a remark about Special Olympics with his bowling game. The President stated, “I bowled a 129…which is like Special Olympics.” The crowd — including me — laughed. But not everyone was laughing. Some individuals were offended. At the time, while I was laughing, I was oblivious that his remarks may have hurt anyone’s feelings. Including my own, because I am diagnosed with autism.

To go back in time, I was an active participant in the Special Olympics during my days at the Therapeutic School and Center for Autism Research. I enjoyed the opportunities to participate in various events and meet many different people. To me, Special Olympics kept me going throughout my life. It motivated me to achieve higher standards and make me grow as a man. I’m grateful for Special Olympics and Easter Seals’ involvement in Special Olympics. It has helped change the lives of many different people — including my colleague, Jamie Smith. Jamie went to Shanghai, China and did extraordinarily well -– he won four Olympic medals!

We must learn how to appreciate the special needs people in this world. They can go on and do many great things in life, like I did, staying in Easter Seals and later graduating from high school and then college. The lesson I learned from the Tonight Show is always think of the underprivileged first. Do not make a mockery of the less fortunate. President Obama knows this — we shouldn’t fault him for his mistake.


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  1. Maurice Snell Says:

    As the saying goes, there is a first time for everything. Everything happens for a reason. What we don’t know is little things like President Obama’s remarks on “The Tonight Show” is nothing to make a big deal about. We all should know that on the lighter side, the President has a great sense of humor and America should recognize that. What he said, he was kidding because he loves America and would not intentionally disparage many Americans in this country.

  2. Mike Says:

    Maurice, thanks for your thoughts on this. I think you struck the right tone. Maybe it cuts both ways. On one hand, let’s be careful before we make little quips like the president did. Whether intended to offend or not, remarks like that do offend people. And it’s worth thinking about why. On the other hand, when someone does make such a remark, better to use the occasion to learn something, than to spend all the energy condemning.