Stories from China

Mother and son working on communication during an art activityI am fascinated by the stories my colleague Patricia Wright (national director of Autism Services here at Easter Seals) comes back with every time she goes to China.

Patricia travels there about once a year to work with the non-governmental organization The Five Project to provide consultation and training to individuals with autism, healthcare providers, educators and parents. The Five Project runs intensive training sessions for parents and teachers of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities and develops and distributes autism training videos.

Patricia’s visits get a lot of coverage in the news in China, and last month she was mentioned in FIVE News, The Five Project newsletter! Editors thanked Easter Seals for its support and Patricia for her leadership during autism trainings in several Chinese cities, including Nanjing, Anshan, and Suide, Sha’anxi. During the training, Patricia leads lectures, hands-on group activities and demonstrates a variety of teaching techniques. The long flight alone would be enough to deter me from a trip to China, but Patricia never seems tired. She is stimulated by these trips, and every time I thank her for sharing her China stories, she says, “I hope I’ll be going back for more!” You know what? I do, too!


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