Shop at Safeway and support Easter Seals

If you’ve been shopping at a Safeway grocery store this month you’ve noticed the employees don’t just tell you to “have a nice day.” They show you how!

For the third year in a row, Safeway employees nationwide are asking customers at check-out if they’d like to make their April days nicer by contributing to Easter Seals.

Safeway Inc., one of Easter Seals’ most generous corporate partners over the past 20 years, is devoting the month of April to raising money for Easter Seals. It’s a coordinated company-wide fund raising drive that works with a tear pad promotion at check-out stands — store clerks ask customers if they’d like to make a donation to help Easter Seals provide services for people with autism and other disabilities. Last year Safeway and its customers raised over $5.5 million for Easter Seals affiliates across the country.

There are over 1,700 Safeway stores across the United States and Canada, operating under various brand names including Safeway (East Coast,
Seattle, Portland, Northern California, Phoenix and Denver), Vons and
Pavilions (Southern California and Nevada), Dominick’s (Chicago), Randalls and Tom Thumb (Texas), Genuardi’s (Philadelphia) and Carrs stores (Alaska).

Over the years, Safeway has raised more than $80 million to help Easter Seals create
life-changing solutions so that people with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play. Be sure to spread the word about this promotion to benefit Easter Seals — and keep visiting your local Safeway store!


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  1. Jeanne S. Says:

    We love shopping at Dominick’s and will make a donation.

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