Share with a National Newspaper How Disability Has Affected Your Job

The Guardian logoThe United States edition of The Guardian is looking for stories from people who feel they’ve struggled to find or secure work because of their disability, but if you want your story included, you’re going to have to write it quickly: The deadline to submit is this Thursday, February 23, at midnight.

Have you struggled to find or secure work because of your disability? Do you keep your disability hidden from your employer? Have you experienced bullying or harassment at work? If you have a disability at work, The Guardian wants to hear from you.

You can even submit your contributions anonymously using their online form, just make sure you submit it by Thursday at midnight. The Guardian plans to publish an edited selection on their Careers site this Friday, February 24, 2017, as part of its disability at work week, and they might share contributed stories across social media as well.


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  1. Robert Butler Says:

    For years I was told what I can’t do because of Sickel Cell Disease. The older I got the more I challenged myself to do what I was told that I could not do. I found myself running 3 miles a day, lifting weights and doing 200 push-ups a day. In the year 2009 I suffered a severe crisis. I was receiving treatment but, unfortunately,for me I was given too much medication and had to be revived. My entire body was bloated beyond recognition. I do recall hearing one of the nurses say, “we got him back”. Unbeknownst to me this would be the beginning of a life filled with daily pain. I only know is once this happened my body was no longer the same. It was as if I was deteriorating as each day went by. Since this episode I have had 5 major surgeries. Due to insurance complications I was sent to another hospital but whatever happened that night was the beginning of the end of life for me as I knew it. No more working out, riding bikes or just going for casual walks. I did make an effort to attempt to get my medical records to try and get an understanding of what took place that night but was given the wrong material. Instead of giving me the medical records for 2009 I was given information about an episode in 2011. There was no login information of hand written notes but more or less information that I had no clue of what they were talking about. Both hips and shoulders have been replaced and I also had to have major surgery to support discs 4 and 6 from learning on my spinal chord. I wish I had an explanation on how could things have gone so wrong. Life is no fun when you live in pain all the time.

  2. William Hixson Says:

    My disability affected my job by when I fell off 6ft ladder I broke both of my wrist requiring 2 metal plates in each arm.Construction was my trade what I was taught when I was young and learned for the last 15 years.I can no longer do that same line of work.

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