Schooling at Home Especially Difficult for Special Needs Families

a young child is writing in a notebook in front of a laptop that shows a video their teacherFinding it difficult to have your children with special needs at home every day while their schools are closed? You are not alone. A story on NPR’s Morning Edition this morning featured a special education consultant in North Carolina who is working at home while she, her Husband and their two daughters shelter in place for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of this special education consultant’s work these days involves helping special needs families as they adapt to the new normal, and she has first-hand knowledge of what this is like: their oldest daughter is 12 years old and has Down syndrome.

“This tends to be a common theme with children with downs syndrome, they’re very sociable, people matter to them in ways that almost doesn’t have words,” she told the NPR reporter. “They love their people, and they need their people, too.”

While working at home, this mom says she tries to keep everyone on track, and her oldest girl out of trouble. Like her, most of her client families are in a survival mode at home as well, struggling to keep their children occupied and following school assignments at home. “I try reassuring them that getting through a day is really your success,” she said. “If learning happens, that‘s great, but if it looks like a hot mess, that’s okay, too.”

Easterseals is working with families facing the same challenges. If you haven’t already, take a look at some of the resources for parents who are looking after kids with disabilities while schools are closed. 


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  1. Julie Geltrude Says:

    I have forgotten whom I’m to talk to about the long term long program. I’m trying to find it on the web but have trouble with concentration and memory due to concussions I’ve gotten over the years and in the last couple of months.
    We applied for a long term long for a tablet so my son with ASD could have something to help with homework. I can’t believe we got it so soon. It’s a beautiful tablet with a cover that keeps it safe. I couldn’t even believe what a great item this is for my son and the whole family. We can do zoom meetings for school and he can do google classroom. He can even play a couple games to pass the time and help with vocabulary and spelling. Thank you so much

  2. Rachel Lombardi Says:

    Thank You EasterSeals for all that you do! I’m going to check out what advice you are offering for this virtual home school situation!

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