Reading about Autism at Book Expo America

Ellen Harrington-Kane’s blog on June 4th is the first of many book reviews we plan on posting on the Easter Seals autism blog. After all, there are plenty of books about autism to review!

Last weekend I was at Book Expo America at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. Nearly 35,000 publishers, booksellers, authors, agents and librarians attended the four-day convention — it was wonderful to be around so many people who love books!

Although I was there for personal reasons — I have a new book coming out in October, I couldn’t help but think of Easter Seals and autism while I was perusing the booths.

Labosh Publishing was there — they offer tip booklets for families with Autism. Jessica Kingsley Publishers publishes books on the autism spectrum and also in the areas of parenting, special needs education and arts therapies. National Professional Resources, Inc. publishes staff development and teacher training resources in all sorts of topical areas such as special education, autism and gifted education. And lastly, Gryphon House, Inc. publishes activity books for teachers and parents, including one called Teaching Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I’m sure there were many, many more books about autism at Book Expo America, but yeesh, that Javits Center can be hard on your feet — and paws! My Seeing Eye dog and I had a ball at the convention, but it’s good to be home, where I can return to finding out about books on autism the easy way: reading this blog!


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  3. Darlene Jones Says:

    Just a quick note to let you know my website address. I forgot to include it on the previous submission. It is

    Thanks and I hope all of you will visit and give me input on ways to improve my site.

  4. Darlene Jones Says:

    My book ‘To See the World Through Cody’s Eyes’ was released last December and chronicles our journey to learn about the world of Autism. Our grandson, now 5, lives with us and his
    diagnosis was made when he was 3. The book tells of our efforts to meet him halfway and bring him into our world by trying to understand his world. Since the book was published, I have developed a website for him with personal stories, poetry I have written for him, blog comments, a forum for discussion, and links to other sites. I would like to invite everyone to visit the site and read the book to learn more of some of the trials and triumphs we have experienced.

    If you visit the site, please sign the guestbook. Information on purchasing the book can also be found on the site. Thanks for the opportunity to inform people of my humble efforts.

  5. Marilee Amodt Says:

    We were looking for information about Autism to share with our parents and teachers for the next school year. I am glad to have found your blog and especially this one about the variety of publishers. I have visited the Labosh site and their tip booklets are perfect. Also quickly found staff development materials at the National Professional Resources, Inc. site. I will be forwarding this information to our teachers. Thank you so much.

  6. Kathy Labosh Says:


    Thanks for the boost! I appreciate people spreading the word about my tip booklets. They are very practical tips, many of which only another mother of kids with autism could give you. I just wanted to spare other parents the aggravation I went through learning these things.


    Kathy Labosh

  7. Francine Rich Says:

    With reference to BEA and publishers who focus on autism and related topics, I just wanted to add that a representative from Labosh publishing ( gave me and my assistant t-shirts that say “We can do this: the child with autism goes to town. Help for families with autism.” I thought others might want to check out this website and the services they offer.

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