Proud to love a child with autism

Ever since we launched our new Make the First Five Count campaign here at Easter Seals, I’ve been paying more attention to stories from parents who looked for services early on in the lives of their children. Today this blog post by the mother of a one-and-a-half-year-old caught my attention:

At 15 months I noticed he hadn’t met most of his 1 year milestones. I was concerned but the doctor assumed maybe he was just slower to develop and suggested we give him a couple more months. We did. He still did not progress.

The post describes her son’s symptoms and how she and her husband finally managed to get him tested early. She published the post the very day she received his diagnosis:

They do not make a diagnoses before the age of two very often, but it was apparent to them with the “scattered progress” he has made along with many other characteristics combined, my child has autism.

The mother says she cried a lot, and admits taking an ativan to calm down. Now she is determined to gather all the information she can to give him the best chance possible at a good and healthy life. I was so moved by the final line of her post that I’m going to leave you with that here.

There is nothing wrong with him, he doesn’t have a problem, and he is healthy. His brain is just wired a little different than ours, and he is special. He is my special little guy. I am proud to love a child with autism.


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