Pragmatic pediatrician ponders autism

I just read a post titled “Kids with Autism” on a blog called the Pragmatic Pediatrician. The Pragmatic Pediatrician works in a remote area with few healthcare providers – I bet that being able to blog helps her feel more connected to others in the field. Hers is a federally-funded community health center that accepts all insurance plans and all Medicaid plans. The clinic also has a sliding fee scale for those without insurance.


Her “Kids with Autism” post referred to recent stories of families with autism being asked to leave church services.

I spent a summer working at a camp for people of all ages and abilities with autism. I also worked in a group home for five men with autism and did some research on the topic. Having experienced the enormous range of abilities or disabilities, I was wondering what I would have done in the above situation. My gut reaction would be to find a church that had a service that was perhaps adapted to my child, and such a church was mentioned. I think I would be hurt that my family was rejected. Then again, some of the behaviors associated with autism can be very challenging to handle in public. And, they are not always predictable.



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  1. Diane Ware Says:

    I attend a church which has in attendance a young lady with mental disabilities. Members went to the pastor saying the young lady should not be allowed to attend. The pastor informed these people that this woman was welcome to attend. If they were uncoomfortable with the situation, they needed to find a location which would be more comfortable. I believe it is up to the pastor to set the tenure for the congregation’s acceptance of those with mental disabilities. Could he be educated on the strenghts of our population with autism?

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