Pop the cork… and the bubble wrap! Autism wallpaper wins!

Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, everyone! As if the invention of bubble wrap 
alone isn’t enough reason to celebrate, we also have outstanding news about this year’s Bubble Wrap® Competition for Young Inventors.

Yes! Get out your dancing shoes! Sealed Air Corporation announced the big Bubble Wrap Invention winners today, and Hannah Haas was the grand prize winner!

You remember Hannah, don’t you? She’s the 13-year old from Charlotte, N.C. I blogged about last month. Hannah designed sensory wallpaper that she describes like this:

Wallpaper designed to engage and stimulate children with autism through the combination of a textured bubble surface containing large and small bubbles, and a calming, blue wallpaper background.

You can watch a video about Hannah’s invention via MPG or Flash.

I just listened to the Flash version and was happy to hear that Hannah’s design includes a plan to replace the wallpaper with new sheets of bubble wrap once all the bubbles are popped. She thought of everything. No wonder she won!

Congrats, Hannah. Time to pop the cork — and the bubble wrap!


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  1. Kym Jackson Says:

    Hannah, I commend you on your invention and that your work was rewarded with a prize! It is great to see a young woman taking the same path that many children with learning disabilities take everyday… Hearing the beat of a different drum… Thank you for taking the different path, and finding a potentially, beneficial therapy for persons with sensory perception disorders… However, you should think about a patent… Great idea with simple items! Sometimes the love for another can lead you to seek a simple solution for a much larger problem… our sister is blessed to have you… and you are blessed to have her… and the child shall lead them… Congrats! Keep listening to the drum beat… Can you hear it?…

  2. Hannah Haas Says:

    Several people on different websites have been asking me where you can buy my wallpaper. Sadly, you cannot buy it, my invention is currently just for the contest, But if you email me at sensorywallpaper@gmail.com I will try my best to explain how to make it. The process is not that hard.

  3. Hannah Haas Says:

    you cant buy it, it was just a contest but i can tell you how to make it and you can make it yourself.

  4. Marilee Says:

    Where can we purchase your bubble wrap wallpaper??

  5. Hannah Haas Says:

    Hey this is Hannah! My friend sent me this link and I was just like oh my gosh that is so cool!!!! So I just wanted to thank you for telling people about my invention, it has been wierd going places and people recognizing me, but it has been awesome so thanks for the support!

  6. Susan Haas Says:

    I am Hannah’s mom and want to thank everyone for their support.Hannah’s little sister has cerebral palsy and Easter Seals has been a big part of our lives.

  7. Marilee Says:

    Congratulations to Hannah- what an awesome idea!! I also liked the third place Carpal Cushion. I hope that I can encourage some of my students to enter next year! thanks for the information!