Plowing through: Snow removal and accessibility

A story in The Gothamist last Monday questions why officials in New York City, a place where more people walk than drive, clears passage for cars over clearing paths for pedestrians.

Photo of Beth and her guide dog making their way through a shoveled, tunnel-like path.

For guide dogs, everything can look like a tunnel sometimes.

The subhead for the story reads “This does not pass Americans with Disabilities Act muster,” and I have to agree.

Those of you stuck at home in the aftermath of last weekend’s snowstorm may want to use your time inside to communicate and educate transportation professionals and community leaders about snow removal and accessibility. Easter Seals’ Project Action has developed a guide related to transportation and snow removal. The 24-page booklet highlights innovative policies and strategies used by U.S. and Canadian communities to improve accessible pathways and transit stops during winter weather.

Happy reading, and hang in there — it’s gotta melt sometime.


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  1. Barb Hoffman Says:

    The ADA rules, I learned recently, do not apply to landlords on private property. My place does not plow ANY handicap parking spaces, or make the dumpsters accessible to disabled people. I cannot safely get into cars for transportation. What can be done about this? What politician or group should I contact and complain too. This is a HORRIBLE situation, for the disabled.