No debating this one: the Combating Autism Act was a great first step

The first presidential debate is scheduled for tonight, and all the talk about whether or not Sen. John McCain (R – AZ) will actually show up got me thinking of that post I wrote about McCain and Obama’s positions on autism.

A number of people commented to that post, one pointing out that I had neglected to mention that McCain was one of 48 senators to co-sponsor the Combating Autism Act of 2006. Vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DE) also co-sponsored the bill, and it passed in the Senate by Unanimous Consent.

Passage of the Combating Autism Act was a great first step. Now I’m waiting to see the outcome, and senatorial support, for the Expanding the Promises for Individuals with Autism Act. If you are interested in supporting this legislation, the Easter Seals Office of Public Affairs has a letter of support you can use as a model.

The theme for tonight’s debate is supposed to be “Foreign policy and national security.” Since Senator McCain’s change of heart, however, I’ve heard rumors they might switch the theme to “National Economy.” Either way, I’m not anticipating any discussion of autism legislation tonight. Still, I’ll be hanging on every word — I’m watching the debate at the Chicago History Museum. There’ll be a panel discussion on foreign policy, and then we’ll stay to watch the debate on a big-screen TV afterwards.

If the debate happens, that is. I hope it does — it’s important to me to hear different perspectives. That’s why I love all those comments you blog readers leave on my posts!


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