New NJ laws bring attention to autism

Two new laws went into effect in New Jersey last Friday that will impact people here who have autism. One is intended to prevent discrimination, and the other allows adults with autism to join a statewide autism registry.

Both new laws take effect immediately. The first one expands New Jersey’s anti-discrimination law, which had previously applied to people with mental or physical disabilities. Now the law also ensures that New Jerseyans with autism and related neurological disorders cannot be denied access to libraries, restaurants, gyms, pools, theaters and other public places. It also applies to equal access to housing and jobs.

The second law allows adults to join the state autism registry. Registering is voluntary, and was initially only open to children. The autism registry was established so New Jersey health officials can track cases and look for possible trends.

I appreciate the efforts of legislators who want to help. Everyone knows that there’s so much more to be done, but every little bit helps. Their interest helps. Their attention helps. And really, any effort to move toward full inclusion, full understanding, and full support helps.


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  1. Nicole Says:

    Study re: Parental Perceptions as to the Efficacy of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

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