My 7-week trip to explore accessible travel…alone with 2 kids


Eliza on vacation

Meg Harris is the founder of a website that researches and books accessible travel for families with disabilities called, and she’s on a seven-week cross-country journey with her daughter Eliza, who has Rett Syndrome, and her son Henry, a typically developing child. She’s capturing this journey on an exclusive vlog on Here she is with a guest post about some recent stops out West.

by Meg Harris

Meg Harris and family

Henry, Meg and Eliza

I am Tan! Can’t believe it! I never get so tan! Must be because we’ve spent so much time outside and swimming on this trip.

I’ve loved all the swimming we’ve done these past weeks. We are truly having an incredible experience. I keep waiting for the kids to ask when we’ll be going home, but they are so happy out here exploring new things that they don’t mention it.

Today Henry told me how much he loves making so many new friends on the road. He is super-social, so wherever we go he has a new buddy. He loves that!

He is really loving Paleo camp, too — it’s a great program about paleontology for first and second graders. Jack Horner (the Paleontologist portrayed in Jurassic Park) is here at this museum. He is going to speak to the kids later this week, so that is totally cool.

This is a trip that I will remember always. Just like the kids, I, too, am not ready to go home! It is so much fun out here on the road!

Today we are moving to a new hotel, or, actually, a lodge. It’s very intimate and family-oriented, so it will be REALLY interesting to see how they handle Eliza and Henry and his boundless energy. What’s amazing about this trip is that most everywhere we have gone the hotels or attractions have commented on Henry, not Eliza. When we were checking out of the Inn in Cheyenne, the owner told me that he fully comped my room because of the mission SpecialGlobe is undertaking. He told me I have my hands full and said he was in awe. My Henry…I love him so much but he is truly a wild child!

Thanks, guys, for following us on this journey. Please share our stories with your families. If it even inspires one of you families out there who thinks you can’t travel to give it a try, then I will be happy!

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