Mr. Simon goes to Washington

simon.jpgWhat an exciting day on Capitol Hill!

Yesterday, 300 volunteers and staff from Easter Seals attended over 250 meetings with their senators and representatives in an effort to urge them to override President Bush’s recent veto of bipartisan State Children’s Health Insurance Plan legislation.

The day kicked off with a press conference in the Cannon House Office Building. There, Sen. Nancy Pelosi (D. – Calif.), Sen. Harry Reid (D. – Nev.) and Sen. Orrin Hatch (R. – Utah) spoke passionately about the need to override Bush’s veto.

The real highlight of the press conference came when musician Paul Simon, also a co-founder of the Children’s Health Fund, spoke.

“The President’s veto of the reauthorization of SCHIP appears to be a heartless act,” said Simon. “I’m here today to ask those of you who supported the veto to re-examine your conscience, to find compassion in your heart for our most vulnerable and sweetest citizens, our children. I am asking you to change your vote. If you do, I believe it will be one of the proudest days of your life.”

Watch the video of Simon urging Congress to override the President’s veto.


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  1. Maurice Snell Says:

    I’ve watched the video of Paul Simon bringing the message forward to America. To me, he is an activist for many disabled people across the country, there may be no one else besides him. I believe there is hope for America in the future. Even though the House of Representatives were unable to override the Presiden’s veto, there will come a time when many Americans will rejoice for a brighter future benefitting most of everyone.

    My message to you, Americans out there: PLEASE VOTE!