Message From the New CEO: A Look Ahead

Angela F. Williams

Easterseals and its clients nationwide reached incredible milestones in 2017! Our entire network strengthened its resolve to protect services for people with disabilities while expanding programs that impacted the lives of nearly 1.5 million people with disabilities including veterans and seniors, as well as their families.

Seeing these successes reaffirms how vital it is that Easterseals continues to make a lasting difference in people’s lives. Because we were there for them, our clients were able to achieve their goals – and set new ones. As we begin 2018, we are inspired and committed to create even more opportunities to assure that people with disabilities, including veterans and seniors, can live, learn, work and play in their communities.

As I join Easterseals’ national office as its President and Chief Executive Officer, I am honored and privileged to lead this life-changing organization, especially as we prepare to celebrate our 100th Anniversary in 2019. The need for Easterseals has never been greater! More people today are living with disability. As the nation’s leading disabilities advocate and service provider, we are driven to achieve our vision of a world that embraces and values people with disabilities – and one that assures they have access to the services and supports they need in their communities to reach their full potential.

I look forward to sharing our plans, work and successes with you in this blog throughout the coming months. I also welcome hearing the ways in which Easterseals could help you and the ones you care for.

Until then, as one of my first official acts as President and CEO, I testified  Thursday, January 18th to the House Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs. As a veteran, I am proud to share with Congress the impact that Easterseals is making in the lives of homeless veterans, delivering employment services for which we are distinguished, to help them find meaningful employment – often the first step in successful reintegration to their communities. In partnership with other community-based organizations, as well as the Departments of Veterans Affairs (VA), Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Labor (DOL), Easterseals is a leader at the national and local levels in responding to the needs of veterans and their families – and the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program about which I testified is just one example of the impact we’re honored to make in the lives of our nation’s heroes. I hope you watch my testimony here.

I look forward to getting to know you better. Together, I know we can make a difference!

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