Maurice Snell rocks on

I wonder what lies ahead of me as I spend my days being back to the normal Maurice Edward Snell, without the perks of being the Easter Seals 2007 National Adult Representative kicking in. All I can say is — I really enjoyed this time of my life when I visited several interesting places and met many people whom I consider “friends,” or “family” for that matter.

Even though my reign as National Adult Representative is over on paper, I’m still not through. I will still be around my Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago’s Autism Therapeutic School job and partake on some traveling opportunities even after my 12 months of stardom is in the rear view mirror.

The reality is — I’m not going anywhere!

For the most part, I enjoyed being a part of yet another Easter Seals National Convention in Washington, D.C. I consider my trip “entertaining.” There was a special guest appearance by Bon Jovi… sort of, along with a spectacular evening with my own band, the Naturals, who courageously came out from my hometown of Chicago to perform for the wonderful people of Easter Seals.

Those people were in for a bigger treat that evening with Beth Finke making a special appearance to sign her newly published book about her and her lovely dog, as they travel to many places together. Even though it may be the Naturals night, it was still Beth’s night to celebrate too.

Sadly, I spent my last day in Washington, D.C. saying farewell to many of my colleagues whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for so long. That includes the people I’ve visited previously, and of course, my friends from Easter Seals.

Evidently, this is not the last of me with Easter Seals, Inc. I will be around for moral support, especially to David Owens and Scottie Gaither and their families. A great year lies ahead of them.

Here’s a toast to a new year for the 2008 Child and Adult Representatives — Scottie and David — I wish them the very best of luck and encourage them to ROCK ON!


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  1. mehmet poyraz Says:

    I would like to say thank you.

  2. Ellen Harrington-Kane Says:

    I remember the first time we met before you were our adult representative and how impressed I was then, and continue to be with your warmth, spirit and willingness to open yourself up and share your experience with us. You and your family have been an inspiration to everyone you’ve met.

    Your journey is just beginning–and you will go far, but we hope you’ll continue to share some of your time with us. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, compassion and your great sense of humor!

  3. Maurice Snell Says:

    Thanks to you all for the kindest of words! I was glad to have served as 2007 National Adult Representative and more importantly, writing blogs to you all! You must know that the fun does not stop here; there will be plent of Maurice Snell to go around Easter Seals, Inc. If you need a lending hand, I’ll be there!

  4. Jim Williams Says:


    First of all, thank you for the wonderful job you have done as a National Representative for Easter Seals this past year. You have been eloquent in telling the Easter Seals story, and it has been a true pleasure to watch you connect with audiences across the country. A highlight for me was when you slipped in the “knock knock” joke at the Celebration of Giving event.

    Don’t think that you slipping away though. I expect to be on the stage with you in the future and hopefully soon.

    In the meantime, thank you for sharing your story and for telling people about the opportunities that exist for people with autism and about the important work of Easter Seals in this area.

    Let’s keep in close touch.


  5. Jeanne S. Says:

    Maurice~ never fear–we’ll be calling on you for some future appearance, I am sure!

  6. Barbara Gaither Says:

    It was such an honor to get to meet you in Washington, DC. You are an amazing young man. I know that you will continue to represent Easter Seals every where that you go and no one could do a better job than you. If Scottie can have even half as much of an impact this years as you have had, it will be a very good year. Thanks for insipring so many people and I look forward to seeing you again.
    Much love,
    Barbara Gaither

  7. Marian Slahor Says:

    Maurice – You do not know me personally, but I work at the Easter Seals headquarters office. You have done a phenomenal job representing Easter Seals. I am glad that your work is really just beginning. I am writing in the blog today because I wanted you to know that your life has inspired a friend of mine. Your accomplishments are praiseworthy even without Autism, but it is because of Autism that your accomplishments have encouraged my friend. My friend’s son has Autism and hearing about you and hearing you speak gave her encouragement that her son’s life will be as full as they make it. So thank you for being you and for sharing your love of life with your Easter Seals family and beyond.

  8. Carol Salter Says:

    Working with other individuals who are on the Autism Spectrum and their families, I know that you are an inspiration and give hope to many others, that they have a special place in our world. A place of dignity, success, and self-sustaining future, including employment! You have so much to give (and your band ROCKS!). We are fortunate to have you a part of our Easter Seals family!

  9. Patsy S. Says:

    Maurice has been an inspiration! Great things will be in his future because good things happen to good and caring people. Thanks to you and your family for sharing your story. This is a beginning to even greater opportunities when you focus on the future, not on the past.

  10. Pam Swenk Says:

    Though I have only recently met you, Maurice, it is difficult to imagine anyone who can carry the important role of representative as you have. Over the years, I have met several people who represent Easter Seals and the successes that can be achieved by people with disabilities –but few who have done so with the grace and enthusiasm you brought to the role. I consider it a gift to know you and an honor to serve an organzation you represent.

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