Maurice reports in from Celebration of Giving

Every May Easter Seals honors its corporate partners at Celebration of Giving. This year when we gathered in Las Vegas we learned that Safeway led the way towards the Easter Seals corporate partners combining to give more than $21 million to Easter Seals. Even though it was a horse race, it was no competition against each other as they teamed up with the other partners to do a great deed.

It was great to be at this reunion of the Easter Seals family, too. The reunion included Adult and Child Representatives from the past and present. Claire Huckel was there, and so were Bethany and Colin DeVault, Palmer Harston, Ryan Odens, and of course, David Owens and Scottie Gaither. Every one of these individuals gave us an update on their progress since devoting their time to the Easter Seals organization. The good news was everyone (including me) is doing well with what they are doing right now. I’ll be writing more about what I’m up to in a future blog, and I wish the rest of the representatives nothing but more great aspirations in life.

2008 is another great year for Easter Seals, which literally translates to another great opportunity for everyone to give towards the Easter Seals organization. The contributions will lead to greater things in life for Easter Seals.


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  1. Barbara Gaither Says:

    You certainly summed it up well. The Celebration of Giving and the entire Easter Seals family-including the corporate sponsors continue to knock my socks off. I am so inspired and encouraged by what is happening in the lives of so many people due to the support they have received from Easter Seals and from the support so many out there give each year to make that possible. It was great to be with you as always. Hope to see you again soon,
    Barbara (Scottie’s mom)

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