Maurice and Patricia on the air!

Last Sunday was a special day for me and my colleague, Patricia Wright. We were two willing people on a mission: our mission was to convey information to families about autism. That’s what we both did Sunday, discussing autism with Bill Jurek from CRIS Radio (950 AM) in Chicago.

When I first met Bill from the radio station, I noticed something interesting. He, like my Easter Seals colleague Beth Finke, is blind. And just like Beth, Bill uses a guide dog to assist him living in society. Bill and Beth both have something in common with me, too: we are all die-hard White Sox fans!

Bill, the radio announcer, was highly interested in the controversial topic of autism. But Sunday’s conversation wasn’t controversial at all — it was simply straightforward. Patricia talked from her expertise about autism and how it affects some families. She went on and talked about some services for individuals with autism. I talked about how autism has affected me and my family and how I managed to strive to my highest achievements — such as graduating from high school and college.

Overall, Patricia and I were glad to have shared our thoughts of autism with a cordial man such as Bill. From his point of view, autism can be a controversial topic and he is right when he says there will be many debates about what causes autism. But what was said during the interview on Sunday was knowledgeable. Families of individuals with autism who listened to the interview will have had a helpful learning experience. There are many families still in need of autism services, so we continue to spread the word about Easter Seals to today’s society. You can find services at an Easter Seals near you at our Web site.

After the interview was over for me and Patricia, I was on my way to the Sox game to root them on to victory. That didn’t quite happen on Sunday –- the White Sox lost to the Orioles, 2-10. But I still felt good, knowing our radio day was a big win. “You can put that on the board…..YES!”


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