Lessons learned in Sunday school

The last day of April? For real? Seems only yesterday that The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. H.O.P.E. Ministry promoted “Make the First Five Count Sunday” on April 1! This is the first time Easter Seals partnered with national Baptist churches across the country to raise awareness for Make the First Five Count.

Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. H.O.P.E. designated April 2012 as Easter Seals Awareness Month to stress the importance of early intervention to its more than 7 million members. What a good feeling it is to broaden our reach so that more families can access the Ages and Stages Questionnaires and help monitor their child’s development.

I couldn’t help thinking about Make the First Five Sunday earlier this month when I volunteered at an inclusive Sunday school. While on the floor racing cars and building block houses, I loved thinking Easter Seals might be reaching these very kids and their parents! I learned so much by watching typically developing kids and kids with disabilities play together, I just wish I’d had the chance to experience this type of setting when I was younger.

I hope that through The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. H.O.P.E. Ministry and churches, we can spread the message of early intervention so that many more young kids have access to early intervention services.


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