Lending an ear to special brothers and sisters

Siblings Support Project
“Siblings have the longest relationship, longer than parents.” Don Meyer, the director of the Sibling Support Project, shared this statement with me during my first conversation with him, and hearing it truly changed my behavior. It led me to become an advocate in ensuring siblings of individuals with developmental disabilities are included and supported in the social service realm.

Easter Seals has many programs designed to support siblings. One of our most popular sibling programs is Sibshops. Sibshops are available at many affiliates including Southeast Wisconsin, Crossroads (Indianapolis), Oregon and many others. We strive to be a support to the entire family that has a member with a disability.

The Sibling Support Project is a national effort dedicated to the lifelong concerns of brothers and sisters of people who have special health, developmental, or mental health concerns. The Sibling Support Project’s groups have connected tens of thousands of sisters and brothers from around the globe with their peers, providing members with validation, information, and advice.

In addition to learning about the Sibling Support Project I encourage you to review the Facebook and Yahoo! Groups listed below.

  • SibNet is a warm and thoughtful community and the Internet’s first and largest group for siblings of people with special needs. Intended for adult siblings, SibNet connects members from around the world. The SibNet is available as a Facebook group and a Yahoo! Group.
  • SibTeen is now available as a Yahoo! Group and a Facebook group, too. We have wanted to create a place on the Internet just for teenage brothers and sisters For quite a while, and we’re happy to announce that SibTeen Is here.
  • SibKids is a Yahoo! Group just for young sibs where they can discuss their brothers and sisters — and maybe music, movies, school and their lives. SibKids has volunteer adult sibling and parent “camp counselors” who help make SibKids a safe place to hang out.
  • SibParent Is a Yahoo! Group where parents of kids with special needs can talk about their “other” kids.

Take a look and join the conversation!


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