Learning in Hong Kong

As mentioned in my previous post, I attended the Asian Autism Conference in Hong Kong this past weekend along with an estimated 500 parents, care-providers, specialists, and health-care professionals. The aim of the conference is to share insight into research and treatment methods from experts spanning the globe.

The demand for information and services is evident throughout the world. U.S. Consul General James B. Cunningham delivered the opening remarks. Cunningham provided a wonderful introduction to the conference; conveying the sense of urgency and need around autism — as well as his personal learning in the area of autism through reading works of fiction, including The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.

Cunningham’s interest in autism service delivery is clearly established as he provided the opening remarks last year as well.

On day two, Lee Grossman, president of the Autism Society of America, welcomed the group and shared a vision of his organization’s commitment to the global issues affecting the autism community.

The Autism Parents Network of Hong Kong sponsored the event and organized the extensive array of learning opportunities. The message from parents, who reside throughout Asia (Hong Kong, mainland China, Philippines, Japan), was the same — we need information and support.


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  1. john wood Says:

    I live in Texas, USA and I have an adult friend in Hong Kong who I believe to be autistic. Is there a clinic or other place in Hong Kong, maybe in the Shatin district, where my friend could go to talk to someone?

    I am just now begining to learn about autism, and I want to help my friend.

    Any help or advice would be most welcome.

    Thank you in advance…john