Join us Tuesday as Easter Seals unveils its Living with Autism Study

Please join us this Tuesday, December 16 when we unveil Easter Seals’ Living with Autism Study, a nationwide study made possible through the generous support of Easter Seals National Corporate Partner MassMutual Financial Group and conducted by Harris Interactive.

The study asked families from Easter Seals and the Autism Society of America about their concerns for their children with autism (up to age 30). Their issues were then compared with parents of typically developing young people. The contrast is stark — our key findings show that Easter Seals’ work to provide services is just the beginning.

We are releasing the study findings Tuesday, December 16 via a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. EST. You can join us in a live Webcast online and be among the first to hear the findings and take away new insights into the ongoing challenges facing individuals and families living with autism. Online attendance is free, and no other special technology is needed — you’ll be able to see and hear the information provided in real time just as if you were present at the event.

We are excited about the opportunities this study offers Easter Seals to address the very real concerns of families living with autism — to the media, to our national and state legislators, and to other current and potential community partners. In January, we will begin to host local autism community forums (thanks to additional support from MassMutual Financial Group) to start the conversation about solutions for families. Stay tuned for those local autism community forums, and in the meantime, join us this Tuesday, December 16 from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. EST.

And be sure to come back to the Easter Seals and Autism blog next Tuesday to get the Study results and key findings.


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  1. Shirl Light Says:

    I registered to download the study in pdf format but it never loaded. I tried again and it just said I had already submitted this information. Can the pdf files (I saw two available) be emailed to me?


  2. Barbara Gaither Says:

    Thanks for your kind words and for sharing about your son too! It somehow really helps to know others walk in our shoes and that their are great folks out their like Easter Seals and their corporate partners MassMutual working to make life better for those with autism. It was an honor and a privilege to be able to be at the press conference today and to share a bit of our story. The fact that it touched you makes it even more special.
    Take care and happy holidays!
    Barbara Gaither

  3. Karen Smyth Says:

    I missed the first part of the briefing – will it be archived on your site to watch again?

    What I did see of it was very touching — I particularly related to Scottie’s mom – MY son is also Scottie (also addicted to video games) — and I never worried as much about my daughter’s future as I continuously do my son’s! And I too, had to stop researching online because it was not only too depressing, but too many sides to the debate – was too confusing… I too, take it one day at a time, like Scottie’s mom.
    I really look forward to reading the report released today.

  4. lara Says:

    Where is the report with the findings? There is a link to it supposedly from the Webinar window but that just goes to the Easter Seals Autism page where there is no link to the study.