Inter-generational is where it’s at

This is National Adult Day Services Week, an opportunity to make people more aware of the kinds of services available for our parents, grandparents and other adults we love.

The Easter Seals Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Inter-Generational Center in Silver Spring, Maryland, is one example of how adult day services can work to help people of all generations. The center is the primary site for inter-generational programming at Easter Seals Greater Washington and Baltimore Region, and it’s the first intentionally built “shared site” in that region to provide services for children and seniors with disabilities — and help their families – at the same time.

Screen capture from the video or an older participant at the Inter-Generational Center saying that she appreciates the center.The Inter-Generational Center brings together many Easter Seals core services under one roof:

  • Adult Day Services that provide daily social and medical support for adults with age-related impairments, allowing them to age with dignity in the community, while supporting caregivers and preventing “burnout” from the responsibilities of caring for a family member.
  • Children’s Services that provide child/youth development programs to families through after-school programs, tutoring, mentoring, summer enrichment programs, volunteer/community service opportunities, and interactive intergenerational programs.
  • Assistive Technology Center that provides the latest in low and high technology solutions minimizing the functional impact of a person’s disability.
  • Therapy Services that provide occupational, physical, and speech/ language therapy services both in-center and in the natural environment of home, schools, and other community-based settings.
  • Family Caregiver Resources that meet the educational, referral and support needs of families caring for a senior or child with a disability.
  • Inter-generational Programs that facilitate regular contact between seniors and youth and engage the neighboring community through a variety of programs in a regular flow of different types and ages of people throughout the center.

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Inter-Generational Center was built to deliberately influence a new culture of inter-generational shared sites and programs, and you can see how much everyone benefits when generations work and play together by linking to this short video narrated by staff and clients there.


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  1. Theresa M. Perry Says:

    Please see above note.

  2. Theresa M. Perry Says:

    Our Daughter, Rashida Elizabeth Perry received services from Easter Seals when she was an infant through toddler (until she started public school at age three (3). She is now a young adult and still in school. However, her Father and I are exploring transition options, Day Programming, Jobs, and possibly college since there are more Colleges and Universities alternatives for individuals with Special Needs. I read the information on your website about Adult Services. Can you explain or send more literature about your Adult Services. May we also do an outsite visit? Pleas advise. Looking forward to hearing from your Staff again. Rashida is currently twenty (20) a Straight “A” student at Southside Occupational High School. Thank you for the excellent care and services provided to our daughter and Family. Sincerely,
    Theresa M. Perry, Mother and Legal Guardian