Instagram, hashtags and Twitter: oh my!

Students seated in a conference room, watching a presentation

Students from DePaul completing their New Student Service Day at Easter Seals

Last month college students enrolled in a business and society class came to Easter Seals Headquarters as part of DePaul University’s New Student Service Day. The students participated in a focus group on social media, and a few wrote to us afterwards with their thoughts about their day here.

Many of the students hadn’t heard of Easter Seals before their visit. “Easter who?” Darshan wrote. “That was the exact thought that crossed my mind when my teacher told me that we were going to Easter Seals for our DePaul New Student Service Day. I had never heard of Easter Seals prior to this day and I told the representatives about that.”

Students were treated to breakfast and then heard different Easter Seals staff members explain what we do and the population we serve. The students were all ears. One of them, Emily, wrote afterward that she was “taken back by the impact Easter Seals has, not only in Chicago, but also in different communities worldwide.”

For one student, Mohammad, Student Service Day wasn’t his first encounter with Easter Seals. “Easter Seals helped diagnose my older brother with autism,” he said, adding that the diagnosis helped his family engage with his brother and help his brother’s development. “After the diagnosis, Easter Seals helped my family again by providing their many services to us.” He said it felt good to give a little bit back to Easter Seals by participating in the focus group, and that he looks forward to volunteering again some time in the future. “I did not feel like I was volunteering, I felt like I was helping a friend who has helped me tremendously.”

During the focus group, students brainstormed and pitched ideas on more ways we can use Instagram, hashtags and Twitter to let people know about the services we offer. Connor’s note afterwards said that since his visit here he has been following Easter Seals on all social media outlets. “I have noticed that they have taken our suggestions into account,” he said. “I left Easter Seals feeling excited that I was able to help such an exceptional organization.”


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