Inspired by families living with autism

A lot of people left comments to a New York Times article called Going to Battle Against Autism, and I found myself touched by what those comments said about the dedication of families with autism. I was especially moved by the stories of two parents who were not only stretched physically and emotionally, but also facing an uncertain future for their child.

I am the father of two wonderful kids, Molly and Tommy, and I know the worries all parents have, the dreams we have for our children and the fearful moments. Will they fit in with the other kids at school? Are they getting good grades? Am I bringing them up right? I heard a good quote recently, that the good parents are always asking themselves, “Am I doing the right thing for my child?”

I’m not sure how to conclude this blog post except to say I have tremendous respect for those families living with autism. I admire their strength and dedication. Their love for their children is amazing. When families pull together like this it is truly heroic. When I see families like this at Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin, it makes me more committed to providing services that will lighten the load on such tremendously caring parents and loved ones.


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  1. Beth Finke Says:

    What a thoughtful post, and so appropriate, right before the upcoming holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, Bob.

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