Increase autism awareness: Act for Autism

Easter Seals is taking advantage of Autism Awareness Month to make sure people are aware that … autism is treatable. Seems like such a simple concept, doesn’t it? But it’s surprising how many people are, well … unaware.

It’s true: autism is treatable! Just ask my friend Barbara Gaither. You might recognize Barbara’s name — she’s posted a few blogs here about her son Scottie, and today she’s sending an email message to Easter Seals friends to celebrate his progress.

Autism is treatable. Scottie is living proof of that. He has emerged from his dark world of isolation to become the engaging 2nd grader he is today, thanks in great part to Easter Seals.

Every day, Easter Seals provides personalized treatments that help people of all ages with autism lead meaningful and productive lives. We hope you’ll join in our efforts — Act for Autism and let people know about our programs and services.

Join us — Easter Seals acts for autism every day. We’re constantly finding and refining the best treatments, educating people about autism and advocating for government policies that support people with autism.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re someone who takes action. Please continue to do so! Act for Autism with Easter Seals today — start out Autism Awareness Month by making people aware that autism is treatable.


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  3. Anonymous Says:

    Elyse Bruce is raising awareness and funds for autism with her “Countdown to Midnight” CD. It’s got awesome music on it, and best of all, the money gathered DOES NOT go to Autism Speaks, an organization considered offensive to most autistics.

    Pass the word.

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