In Wisconsin, we’re transforming resolutions into priorities

By now I am sure we have all laid out our new year’s resolutions, and I’m guessing nearly half of us have already forgotten what they were. Not me, though! Here at Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin we call resolutions our priorities plan. It’s what we think we need to accomplish in a calendar year.

One item on that list for 2013 is already coming along. By March, our organization will vacate two buildings we have owned for a generation and move into a new facility in West Allis, Wisconsin. Buildings are not transformative, people are. With this move we’ll be bringing most of our Milwaukee county staff under one roof — in fact, we’ll be delivering services and programs for children and adults under one roof for the first time in our affiliate’s history.

We are calling the new facility our Easter Seals Generations Center. This huge move is one priority that is above all others and has really added an element of excitement and anticipation to 2013.

What’s more, we’ll be launching a new program called Start Early in April! Start Early is a series of training sessions to help families who have just learned their child has autism. It will offer strategies and support for families who are learning what autism is, and it presents options for parents and caregivers who want to know how they can take an active part in their child’s development.

We will have trained staff to consult, practice and support families navigating Wisconsin’s government systems, and then begin working with their child at home. This will be another way we are creating a world of possibilities for children living with autism.

So Happy New Year! 2013 will be exciting!


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