I was wowed

What a pleasure it is to introduce guest blogger Jeanne Sowa, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Relations, here at Easter Seals Headquarters.

I was wowed

By Jeanne Sowa

I just came back from the CENTURY 21 International Convention in Orlando. CENTURY 21 has displayed unwavering commitment and dedication to Easter Seals for nearly three decades. Throughout the years, the CENTURY 21 System’s efforts have raised more than $91 million for Easter Seals.

The convention’s opening session featured Scottie Gaither, Easter Seals 2008 National Child Representative, who received early intervention services from Easter Seals for autism. Scottie and his mom Barbara did a fantastic job on stage, telling an audience of 4,000 brokers and agents about the importance of early intervention services and how Easter Seals has made an enormous difference in Scottie’s development. They received a standing ovation!

Ronan Tynan, a singer with the Irish Tenors, was also on the program. Tynan is a champion disabled athlete, a physician, and a great singer!

Tynan was born with a lower limb disability and he had both legs amputated at age 20.  Within a year after the operation, he competed in the Paralympic Games in track and field and set 14 world records! Talk about determination and drive. And he just about had everyone in tears with his beautiful rendition of “God Bless America.”

If you’ve been to a baseball game, or sporting event, you’ve probably heard Tynan sing!

Nothing like celebrating successes to start the weekend off right!


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  1. Barbara Gaither Says:

    Thanks for your kind words about Scottie and me on stage! I was wowed too! The folks from Centruy 21 were so gracious. We had a wonderful trip and feel so blessed to be able to represent Easter Seals and share our story of success!
    Thanks again,
    Barbara Gaither
    (proud mother of Scottie Gaither!)

  2. Lisa Tate Says:

    How fantastic! Sounds like Scottie and Barbara had a great opportunity to spread the word about the importance of early intervention in treating Autism!

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