How do people who are blind watch TV?

comcast_292The only time we have our television on is when my husband is home. I can get a lot out of listening to shows on my own, but without being able to see, it’s too hard for me to search for programs. Mike can see, so he’s left to channel-surf for both of us.


And so, I was very happy to read Comcast’s announcement of a new feature to change the way blind or visually impaired people like me can experience television: a new “talking guide” will read the on-screen menu and navigation functions of their X1 platform out loud.
The Comcast website says the “talking guide” will be available to all X1 users and will feature a female voice that reads selections like program titles, network names and time slots. It’ll announce DVR and On Demand settings, too.


Over the past two years the Comcast Foundation has helped Easter Seals make a big difference in
the lives of people living with disabilities. Comcast’s new feature will give users like me a new level of independence and flexibility when we “watch” television – I can’t wait to get my hands on this new feature.

Learn more about Comcast’s support of Easter Seals.


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